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Fruits And Nuts

Browse Our Full Range of Fruits and Nuts

Every day we are working to provide healthier options for all people. Some people are trying to stick to a diet that requires them to stay away from dairy options. The team at The Melbourne Deli understands these different dietary restrictions and is pleased to offer healthy dairy free meals that are healthy and filling. Staying away from dairy, the team is able to offer a range of meals that include deli meats, nuts, and fruits, Get your full dose of essential minerals and vitamins all while enjoying completely dairy free meals.

While our team at The Melbourne Deli offers a range of meats to choose from we also have plenty of fruits and nuts. Our available fruits and nuts can make the perfect meal option for people trying to eat a dairy free, or gluten free diet. Our pre-packed fruits and nuts come pre-mixed, or sold individually so that you can create your own mix at home. Fruits and nuts provide plenty of essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary to maintain a healthy diet. Browse our available fruits and nuts offered at The Melbourne Deli to give yourself a healthy snack option that still allows you to stay within your chosen diet regiment.

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