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Raclette Party Box!

The grilled Raclette is the ultimate winter warmer! And boy, do we have the ultimate Raclette pack to offer all winter long! It comes with all the essentials, so all you need in an oven/grill or Raclette grill.


'Raclette" derives from the French/Swiss term, to scrape. This glorious cheese comes fro the pastures of the European Alps. Various versions exist, from French to Swiss, German and Austrian.


Our Raclette Party Box features traditional Swiss Raclette, plus all the accompaniments to create your own Raclette experience at home. 

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The Raclette Party Box contains:


800g Raclette Cheese (approx)

Sliced serrano

Sliced  pancetta

Cocktail onions


Desiree Potatoes (10-12)

An instruction note card

Feeds four people!

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With our Raclette Party Box, you don't have to use the Raclette grill to create the ultimate experience. As long as you have access to an oven or grill, this great entertainer pack is all you need to warm up the cockles of your heart and those of your guests!

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