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Roaming the fields of Devon are the Cow's of Quickes Farmhouse. They have their own herd of cows, that are born and bred on the land of the luscious Devon pastures. They have created they're own Hybrid of Cow's, the 'Quickes Cow' with the ultimate mix of; 

10% Montbeliarde, 33% Scandinavian Red, 2% Brown Swiss 33%, Kiwi Holstein, 9% Freisian, 10% Kiwi Freisian, 3% Jersey.

Quicke's ensure they're cheese all comes from happy cows, luscious fields and quality of cheese creation at every stage. It's during the maturing stages where Quicke's develops it's unique horse-radish flavour beneath the rind. The natural rind which encases the cheese, and gives its unique flavour complexity! 

Enjoy you vintage oak smoked cheddar, with deep woody smokey notes alongside a ploughman's style charcuterie. Cut through the sharp cheddar flavour with pickled cornichons, sweet relish and cold cuts of hams and cacciatore salumi. For some crisp add fresh apples and pears. 

Beers, Cider, Deep Reds such
as Shiraz

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: Bright golden yellow


Touch: Firm and crumbly

Smell: Horseradish, natural cloth mould, earthy 

Taste: Sharp, smokey, wood, bitey

Goes well with: Heritage hams, apples, pears, relishes, sourdough bread, rye bread, crisp cider, lager/beers, shiraz, dark chocolate


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