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A local favourite, Meredith Dairy produces one of the country's best goat milk chèvre's. Chèvre, pronounced 'shev' is a traditional fresh goat's milk cheese originating from France, essentially meaning, 'goats milk'. 


This fresh chèvre is tangy, slightly tart with zesty citrus notes and a soft mild crumbly texture. It is highly versatile in cooking, pairing and eating. It can be used in tarts, salads, appetisers or simply on fresh crusty baguette! 

An added bonus, it is both lower in fat and higher in Vitamin A and Potassium than cows milk cheeses. 


This marinated chèvre by Meredith Dairy is, so delicious, you will be licking the jar clean, we guarantee it! The cheese is doused in a marinate of oil, infused with garlic and beautiful soft herbs. Try some on fresh baguette or crackers. It marries well with many salads including beetroot, tomatoe and couscous salad.

 And dont forget to add it tonyour side of smashed avocado and eggs for breakfast. It will certainly elevate every meal!

Chèvre pairs well with dry white wines such as Sauvingon Blanc, Pinot Grigio along with light reds and Roses,  

White crisp wines such as Pinot
Grigio, Albarino, Gruner Vetliner,
and Riesling

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: Bright milky white, crumbly, squared cubes


Touch: Soft, slightly crumbly, spreadable and smooth

Smell: Fresh, zesty and mildly tangy

Taste: Citrus, tangy, slightly tart. Soft spreadable and crumbly texture

Goes well with: Sourdough bread, beetroot, parsley, lamb, honey, avocado, smoked salmon, prosciutto,

pine nuts

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