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Organise a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly grazing box for your clients or staff!

We understand how precious time is, so we are here to help! Our grazing boxes are delivered ready to enjoy. They are a perfect addition to your staff meeting, end of work week drinks a special gift a client would love.

With our grazing boxes you have the option to choose one time purchase for a work meeting/event, or choose to pay via subscription for ease of organising those regular meetings or end of work week drinks.


Our boxes can be delivered to clients and staff working from home, or , if there is a fridge, subscription boxes can be delivered direct to the office.


We recommend having the boxes delivered the day before a meeting/event so they are on-time.


A dedicated menu list is included in your box to guide you through the food journey.

We always endeavour to add new varieties of products to each of your orders and have a list of over 60 varieties of local, European and farmhouse cheeses and cured meats we select.


Grazing boxes can be made vegetarian and gluten free upon request.

To organise Corporate Grazing Boxes for a multiple number of people and/or locations, please contact us via e-mail

Order your grazing box delivery in Melbourne today

To organise a weekly, monthly or fortnightly grazing box, please purchase online here.


Corporate Grazing Boxes


Corporate Grazing Boxes For Melbourne Businesses


Boost workplace morale and make business events a breeze with our first-rate corporate grazing boxes! At The Melbourne Deli, we understand how time-consuming it can be to organise high-quality catering for every work event. Thankfully, we are here to help, providing you with ready-made grazing boxes delivered right to your place of business!


A perfect addition to your staff events, our corporate grazing boxes feature a range of fine delicacies for your employees or clients to enjoy. The Melbourne Deli always endeavours to keep the contents of every box new and exciting, adding a range of different gourmet products to each of your orders. We have an extensive range of local, European and farmhouse cheeses and cured meats to choose from, and we also provide vegetarian and gluten-free corporate grazing boxes upon request.


Whether you’re looking for a one-time purchase for an important work meeting, or you want to pay via subscription to organise regular gourmet catering, The Melbourne Deli can help. To organise corporate grazing boxes for multiple people and/or locations, please contact us via e-mail at To organise a weekly, monthly or fortnightly grazing box, please visit our grazing boxes page.

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