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Another winner from Tarago River Cheese, we like to call this the 'Brie for blue eaters' as its subtle blue tones break through the creamy, almost brie like interior. It is made using double cream, wrapped in beef wax and aged for 2-3 months.

Shadows of Blue is one of our favourite Aussie blues. As its name suggests, it is a mild blue vein cheese and we encourage all cheese lovers to try it with a drizzle from the little pot of honey you will find in your Advent Box. The sweetness of the honey helps break through the salty, mild blue flavour.

For those who shy away from blues, Shadows of Blue is the perfect, subtle way to begin your journey into blue eating. It is easily spreadable, soft and smooth. As is ages, its creaminess is amplified and you will begin to notice a more luxurious, thick and gooey creaminess form within the blue veins. It begins to look and feel like a spreadable dip!

As always, please leave the cheese in room temperature for 30 mins before enjoying.

Muscat, Port, Riesling, Beer/Lager

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: White with light blue veins running through


Touch: Thick, creamy interior. Buttery and smooth texture

Smell: Mild earthy scent, slight ammonia 

Taste: Rich, thick, glossy paste. Salty, mild blue veins, approachable

Goes well with: Dark Chocolate, Honey, Truffles, figs, walnuts, rye bread, prunes, pears

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