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Welcome to The Melbourne Deli 12 Days of Cheese-mas Cheese tasting journey.

For the next 12 days of Christmas, you will discover flavours, textures and sensations in cheese from local Australian favourites, to European classics. We wanted to give you something special (and delicious) to enjoy this Christmas season. Please, join us for the next 12 days as we unbox a world of Cheese-mas!     


Made amongst the paddocks of Gippsland, Tarago River Cheese embraces traditional cheese making practices since their inception. 


All of Tarago River's Farmhouse cheeses are made with the milk of their 400 Free-Range Friesian cows. 


The milk in Tarago River Triple Cream has triple the amount of cream, creating a rich decadent curd, and complex flavours. It boasts a fluffy, bloomy white mould. 


It resembles, but is very different to Brie. Triple Cream is thick and buttery. As you pay close attention you may see the chalky, acidic curds within its structure. As this cheese ages, it's curds soften and become more luscious. As the cheese matures and ages, other moulds develop on the bloomy white mould, and the flavours become quite complex and strong, enhancing its flavour profile.


The best time to eat this Triple Cream is when the luscious centre of the cheese detaches itself from the mouldy exterior. It can become almost like a creamy dip, you can delve right in! 


Before you eat it, let the cheese sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. As it rests, the fat molecules relax to release the strong aromas and flavours,  you can then enjoy the cheese in all its might. Enjoy with a touch of sweet strawberry jam you will find in your Advent Box. 

Champagne, Prosecco, Dry whites

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: White & fluffy exterior, deep yellow interior


Touch: Soft, bloomy & slightly bouncy rind. Thick & chalky interior, dense & pasty

Smell: Mushrooms, earthy, slightly pungent.

Taste: Yeasty, acidic, buttery, rich

Goes well with: Pears, dark chocolate, beer, raspberry's, champagne, marmalade, strawberry

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