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Barbers remains one of the oldest surviving cheddar makers in England. It began 6 generation ago, and continues to be run and owned by the same family.

Barbers Vintage Cheddar is everything you dream of for cheddar cheese. It's sharp, bitey, crumbly with an intense depth of flavour. It's full bodied flavour makes it ideal for adding flavour to dishes such as cheese soufflés, tarts, topping off mashed potato ect...

Enjoy your Barbers Cheddar with a side of fresh grapes or crispy apples. You will find the cheese creamy, yet complex, with  salty lactic formed granules throughout. 

Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling,
Sauvignon Blanc, sparkling wine

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: Milky yellow, salt granules


Touch: Hard, Crumbly 


Smell: Fruity, sweet, 

Taste: Sharp, crumbly, intense, creamy texture, smooth finish, sweet notes & tangy sharp


Goes well with: Apple, pickles, crusty bread, walnuts, pecans


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