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This superb Swiss cheese has been passed down through generations of Cheese-maker Maurice Lustenberger's family. It has a fruity, tangy, and sweet flavour. It is created using untreated raw milk and matured for 8 months. It's process is closely supervised by the farms 'Maitres d'Affineurs', masters of cheese-making and cheese-ripening! 

Grand Maurice has excellent melting properties, use it for your next melted toastie, or add it to a cheese fondue if you prefer something a little sweeter and lighter. It has an almost buttery mouth feel, with tiny speckles of salts running throughout. 

As always, enjoy your Grand Maurice after it sits in room temperature for 30 minutes. Have with a side of pickled cornichons, fresh crisps grapes and crackers or baguette. The pickles help cut the sweetness of the cheese, which the grapes compliment the sweetness. It is also a great one for a Ploughman's Lunch. 

Beers, Cider, Deep Reds such
as Shiraz

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: Buttery yellow interior, pasty natural smear-rind, yellow/grey in colour


Touch: Firm, few to so holes (eyes), tender

Smell: Sweet & nutty


Taste: Fruity & tangy, balanced, nutty. 

Goes well with: cornichons, crisp apples, sourdough, ham, terrine, pate, mushrooms, chives,e


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