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Shop our selection of cured smallgoods such as Australian Natural Prosciutto, Pancetta and Serrano (Jamon) from Spain! We also stock a selection of various bacon cuts, such as streaky bacon, and Australian free-range rashers. As well as hams and salamis of all sorts!


Smallgoods Melbourne


Shop For Gourmet Smallgoods With The Melbourne Deli


Shop our selection of cured smallgoods in Melbourne and discover delicacies such as prosciutto, pancetta and authentic Spanish serrano online today. At The Melbourne Deli, we combine fine foods with convenient service to allow our customers to shop for gourmet meats all from the comfort of their own homes. Buy salami online, get a bacon delivery sent straight to your door, and experience your favourite gourmet delicacies without even needing to travel when you shop with The Melbourne Deli.


Our retail store in Bayswater stocks an exceptional selection of delicious smallgoods for Melbourne residents to enjoy, all at incredibly affordable prices. Whether you’re after chorizo, sopressa, hams, or salami, our delivery services will provide you with the products you need quickly and efficiently. Shop our entire range of smallgoods in our Melbourne store, or order everything you need online today. Experience the luxury and the convenience of high-quality meats delivered straight to your home with The Melbourne Deli.

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