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The last cheese of the countdown, we bring you a Christmas delight with Wensleydale infused with juicy sweet cranberries. The cheese is young itself, Wensleydale is matured for only 3 weeks. Making the cheese quite young and mild. Wensleydale is slightly crumbly, with an open texture and sweet acidity, which is why fruits go so well with it. It is one if the oldest cheese varieties made in England, as Monks used to make it since the 11th Century. 

Enjoy your Wensleydale with cranberries after the cheese has sat in room temperature for 30 minutes. Have it with fine wafer crackers, or fresh baguette. It can also be enjoyed as a dessert cheese with an array of fresh and dried fruit and mixed nuts, as well as ginger biscuits and tea/coffee. It can also be used to crumble over salads for a sweet zing.                                                                        

Sweet sticky wines such as Port. Whites 
Chardonnays, Champagnes, Pinot Noir

Wine/Beer pairings

Sight: Pale yellow, with plump deep purple cranberries throughout


Touch: Firm, semi-soft, crumbly 


Smell: Fruity, fresh 


Taste: Sweet acidity, fresh and milky


Goes well with: Raw and roasted nuts, fresh and dried fruit, crackers, sweet breads/cakes, biscuits, dessert wines


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