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Create your own cheese platter!

Think you can't do it, follow these easy steps to create your own masterpiece.

3 simple steps to creating your themed cheese platter

Don't be intimated by the world of cheeses. Here are the basics you need to know. Cheese is made from cow, sheep, or goat milk. To learn about the differences of each, try young, mild cheeses made from each variety of milk. Texture is as important as flavor. Since textures change as the cheese ages, try different local cheeses and sampling the same cheese at different stages. Like wine, the flavor of cheese is affected by climate and geography.

Seasonality of the milk plays a role as well. That's why an Australian Parmesan style cheese tastes so different from a true Parmesan Reggiano. When assembling a cheese platter, stick to 3 to 6 types. Select different flavors and textures, but consider tying it all together with a theme. Cheeses from a single country, for example. Pair the cheeses with neutral crackers so they don't interfere with the flavor, and complement your platter with nuts, fruit spreads, fresh fruit and olives

So pick a theme, vary the textures and milk types, and last but not least complement!

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