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L'artisans Mountain Man is one of those true French style cheeses with a full bite once ripe and ready.

It is made in true Reblochon style, with a gently washed rind. Over time, it can become more complex, silky and (smelly).

Beautiful on a cheese board. If cooking is what you're into, Mountain Man is Delicious through savoury crepes, melted over potatoes and bacon or even try topping off a scalloped potatoes with dollops of this silky French cheese. It will become oozy and oh so luscious!


Cheese Notes

Region/country: Geelong, Australia. L'artisan Organic Cheese.

Type: Cow's milk. Washed Rind.

Wine Pairing: Aromatic and rich whites; Riesling or Muscato. Or fruity and smooth reds; Merlot or Grenache.

Flavour: Strong (when ripe), sikly texture with a slight pungency.

L'artisan Organic Mountain Man 140g

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